Today isn't the first day of spring or numbers of date aren't prime numbers (oh, maybe I should wait for 2013?). Anything special took place on 18.1. ... (wait a moment, today Monteskieu have birthday! Everything special for him. Well, he would have, supposing he live right now and be 323, ha - ha). Today is im-going-to-do-many-illustrations-and-publish-them Day!

Second, the website address includes the name ones of Moon seas - Sea of Crises - Mare Crisium (Latin) - Morze PrzesileĊ„ (Polish). From Polish version meaning of (I rly don't know how it is in English) "Crisium" is sth on the fringe. My illustratnions began self being when I am locaded on the fringe (not the Moon, of course). And I love astronomy. Thats all. So... let's start...